Classes in Business English for Public Administration are aimed to improve the use of English in professional settings. The course focuses on vocabulary and phrases used in world management styles, business environment in non-profit companies, as well as on grammar usage and the skills required to function in business. Care is taken to ensure that the level of linguistic complexity matches that of the General English courses.

The purpose of the training is to help students to use the language freely and fully in a working environment. The Business English course covers many different topics such as basics of management, state management in the Russian Federation, local management in Russia, finance management, advertising, business meetings, telephoning, negotiating, solving business problems, socialising and talks with business partners.

The course provides integrated skills (productive and receptive) necessary for basic communication in both oral and written forms of the English language. Emphasis on systematic learning of grammar and vocabulary is balanced with development of linguistic sub-skills. The course ensures the coverage of common and useful language related topics of general interest with which the students are expected to be familiar with.

The course provides a balanced programme, focusing on the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, whilst covering essential grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, idioms and colloquial language. It provides effective training for students who need English for study and future work.

Научно-исследовательская работа – одно из важных слагаемых учебного процесса студентов кафедры журналистики. В течение учебы они сталкиваются с подготовкой рефератов по различным курсам, курсовых, дипломных и магистерских работ. Эти формы учебного исследования требуют от студентов не только определенных знаний в выбранной ими теме, но и владения основными навыками исследовательского труда. Представления о сущности и задачах изучения журналистики, о совокупности методов и методик научного исследования, понятие о процессе исследования как движении мысли от определения темы до завершающей работу исследователя интерпретации полученных результатов – все эти аспекты освещаются в рамках курса «Специфика научного текста».